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Skip the filler and take the fight to the real enemy in Evil Factory, now available

You were sick and you were tired, you said to yourself one lonely afternoon, of having to slog through masses of filler mobs on your phone just to get to the real fight. You just wanted to face off against the end-level bosses, you remarked in a low voice as you sat alone on your couch. Little did you know that you weren’t actually alone. Nexon Corporation was there, sci-fi villain-style, listening to you unleash your woes through your smartphone’s mic, but unlike a sci-fi villain, it was scrambling all of its manpower and resources to come up with a solution to help you. That solution turned out to be Evil Factory, which ensures that you skip the filler and get to the killer (bosses).

Game Reviews

Star Wars: Commander Review – Not a bad game at all, but not great either

“There has been an awakening. Have you felt it?” these words in the teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens sent shivers down my spine, for the first time since 2005 I was seeing live action Star Wars footage. After a few more viewings of the 88 seconds of bliss, I was reminded that I was planning on reviewing a Star Wars Game for DroidGamers, Star Wars Commander.

Game News

Zynga reveals Solstice Arena, an new MOBA game heading our way soon

Zynga has been doing some soft launches of a few games lately and while this isn’t another soft launch, it is a game that will most likely see one at first before it gets fully released. Zynga is entering the world of MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) style games and Solstice Arena will be their debut MOBA title which will be arriving onto multiple platforms in the near future.