Day: 2 February 2017


Dash through labyrinthine tombs in Tomb of the Mask, now available from Google Play

Initially released on iOS quite some time back, Tomb of the Mask has finally been ported over to Android. The back story for this game is quite simple, in that players assume the role of an adventurer who stumbles upon a golden mask that enables the ability to climb walls. From there, players will guide the adventurer through a series of vertical tombs, that have a labyrinthine layout and are replete with traps and hazards.


Skip the filler and take the fight to the real enemy in Evil Factory, now available

You were sick and you were tired, you said to yourself one lonely afternoon, of having to slog through masses of filler mobs on your phone just to get to the real fight. You just wanted to face off against the end-level bosses, you remarked in a low voice as you sat alone on your couch. Little did you know that you weren’t actually alone. Nexon Corporation was there, sci-fi villain-style, listening to you unleash your woes through your smartphone’s mic, but unlike a sci-fi villain, it was scrambling all of its manpower and resources to come up with a solution to help you. That solution turned out to be Evil Factory, which ensures that you skip the filler and get to the killer (bosses).


Harvest a planet’s resources to facilitate your escape in Jack the Miner

Jack the miner is a 2D mining game that’s recently been released on to Android. In this game, players will assume the eponymous role of Jack, a robot that fortunately is designed for the task at hand. Unfortunately for Jack, he’s stuck on this far flung world and looking to fly off of it, which requires that he mine for Osmium, a precious metal of sorts necessary for escape, but far from the only material found beneath the planet’s surface.


Use numbers to fill in empty spaces in Fill Grid, now available from Google Play

Fill Grid is a simple puzzler that that has recently made its release on to the Android platform. In this game, players are simply given a grid that requires filling, beginning at a 5 x 5 size and eventually working its way up to 10 x 10. Each grid will be partially populated with numbers, from which players can extend one or more straight lines, to fill the number of squares requisite with that number.


Hop aboard the Brave Train for some puzzling fun!

Vitaly Stepanoff of Artwork Games, has created a colorful and endearing game with Brave Train. If you enjoy Match 3 type games and a dash of Snake, then Brave Train will probably interest you. The game has a cute appeal, and plenty of achievements that will keep you coming back to this one. It is a game that young and old can play, so it checks the box for family fun.