EA’s Skate reboot is coming to mobile with cross play, says developer

EA’s latest entry in the Skate series is currently still in development. Announced for console and PC, the free-to-play open-world skating game is planned to be a multiplayer bonanza for most gamers. But what about mobile gamers? 

Skate Mobile is coming

During the Skate reboot marketing push on Thursday, one video revealed an upcoming mobile port of the upcoming skating game. In a video called “The Board Room”, Full Circle General Manager Dan McCulloch revealed all. 

In the video, McCulloch explained that a mobile port, or at least the mobile component, is in the works. Guy However, the developer hasn’t revealed much about the conversion. 

“We want cross-play and cross-progression on mobile,” McCulloch said.

The developer did explain that Skate mobile will have its own control scheme. While controller support will likely also be a major feature, the developers are working hard to make touchscreen controls feel good on mobile. They continued: 

 “We’re pretty early on on mobile but we want to get the controls and everything to feel great, and when that’s ready we’ll bring it all together and you’ll be able to play on whatever platform you want with your friends, and that’s going to be awesome!”

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Will it be cloud based?

Of course, Skate Mobile is a very ambitious port for mobile devices. While mobile games are more competent than ever before with games like The Division Resurgence, they still require a lot of optimisation. 

Putting Skate on mobile will be a considerable effort for the development team. However, there’s always an easier route: cloud gaming. Of course, we hope that it’s not coming to mobile via cloud, that’s a tool for the low-power Nintendo Switch, but it’s always a possibility. 

If a high-end mobile port does end up releasing day and date with console, Skate mobile may be the number one way to play. Either with touchscreens or a phone controller, this mobile port will be fantastic! 

Are you as excited as we are? 

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