Cosmic Clean-up from Ripstone flies onto Playstation Mobile

A new game has arrived on the Playstation Mobile platform for Playstation Certified games called Cosmic Clean-up. Developed by Ripstone, this game has players taking control of an astronaut who is our to clean up the galaxy. This is done by using the rockets attached to your space ship in order to burn away whatever needs to be cleaned up.

Since you need to use your own rockets to clean up the mess in your galaxy, you’ll need to figure out how to work the controls properly in order to spin your ship which then directs the flames from your rockets at the mess, essentially burning it away for good. The entire game revolves around the risk/reward system where the more risk you take, the better the rewards will be.

Cosmic Clean-up Features:

– Pick up and play controls – left and right touch to rotate your ship
– Explore 4 different worlds each with 10 challenging levels
– Burn away debris, planets and asteroids using the flames from your thruster
– Play to beat your previous highscore’s
– Invincibility, Afterburner & Fire Shield – Discover useful power ups scattered across the galaxy

To make things a little more challenging, your engine won’t be able to be shut off. That means you will always be moving around. You’ll fly towards the debris and right before you get to it, you’ll have to spin your ship to burn it away. The riskier the move, the more you are rewarded.

For those of you interested in grabbing a copy of Cosmic Clean-up, just hit up the Playstation Mobile store on your Playstation Certified device and download it.

Developer Website: Ripstone

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