Craft and sell goods made from alien materials in Dwarf Miner, now out on Google Play

Casual games are one of the styles that can really lend itself to  phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Dwarf Miner is one such example.

In this game, players will assume the role of a lone dwarf miner, who decides to make an attempt at farming and monetizing the materials found in an asteroid that crash landed nearby. Players will tap away on the asteroid to cause the dwarf to whack it with his pick axe. In doing so, coins and the foreign metal get harvested, which can then be invested into assorted or better tools, such as an automated drill, and even an “auto mining” feature where the dwarf (slowly) mines on his own, independant of player interaction.

The game also has a day night cycle, where at night, birds will fly overhead and will drop gold coins for players to collect. As players progress, smiths can be unlocked, who pay gold to the player when certain objectives are met. In addition, players can even craft items, and also sell them in turn for more gold. All of this is done to advance the player within their guild rank, and is illustrated with a faux, retro pixelated look. Players looking for a free, idle clicking game can check this one out for free, by hitting up the link below. There are no IAPs found in this one, but there are ads.

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