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[Update: Globally available tomorrow] Mine for resources and hidden artifacts in Deep Town, currently soft launched in select regions

Update Tuesday March 14, 12:30 PST: We have confirmation from the dev that the game is to be released globally tomorrow. So for those that are wanting to play this game, your wait is about over. Again, the game contains both ads as well as optional IAPs, but will be free to download and play.

Released by Rockbite Games, Deep town is an upcoming game that’s based on the idea of mining a planet that’s deep in outer space. Players will begin their mining operation after the ship lands, and begins drilling via a laser, only for it to malfunction. From there, players will take direct control, in their bid to gather up the maximum amount of resources, from the greatest depths possible.


Make an ancient Egyptian ruler trend on social networks in Trending Pharaoh, now available on Google Play

Released by Undercoders, Trending Pharaoh is a game where players are in charge of the social network, on behalf of ancient rulers that are mostly based in Egypt. Players will have a list of options in front of them, that are the various social networks available to the pharaoh, and posts are made simply by tapping on that network, with the goal being to fill up that meter in order to gain a follower.


RPG and rapid tapping action come together in Infinity Duels

Clicker games or rapid tapping games are filling the Play Store these days. Often you will download a game, only to find out it is a one trick pony. The game is all clicking and no substance. Move along dear gamer, nothing to see here. Magic Cube’s latest foray into the Play Store is a bit different. Yes, Infinity Duels has a lot of rapid tapping and clicking, but there is an RPG underneath it all, that is worth checking out.


Foursaken Media releases War Tortoise for Android. Don’t miss this mesmerizing action game.

Foursaken Media has a pretty amazing track record for releasing stunning games for Android and iOS. The studio is based in Raleigh, North Carolina. They are known for delivering riveting action games, with impressive graphics and appealing gameplay for mobile devices. If you have played the Heroes and Castle series, Phantom Rift, Block Fortress or Bug Heroes 2, then you know what I am talking about. We thought their next title for Android would be All is Lost, which released for iOS not too long ago. We hope it is still coming to Android. Instead, they have released War Tortoise. It is a highly-revered action game that has impressed quite a few gamers already.