Crashlands and Levelhead Are on Sale Again

LevelHead Android

Crashlands and Levelhead, the two most celebrated titles from from Butterscotch Shenanigans, are both on sale yet again.

This means that if you didn’t buy either or both of them on one of the many occasions that they’ve been discounted over the last few months, you’ve got another chance to swoop.

Originally released in 2016, Crashlands is an ambitious and likeable survival game in which you find yourself on an alien planet crafting items, hunting for resources, exploring, fighting, and so on. It was perhaps the most acclaimed title of 2016, winning numerous GOTYs and perfect scores.

Levelhead, meanwhile, came to mobile earlier this year to similar acclaim. It sees you playing Bureau of Shipping employee whose job it is to train delivery robots by devising levels for them to navigate. Which is just the setup for a Mario Maker-esque platformer with 80 custom levels.

Crashlands and Levelhead are both currently $4.75, down from $6.99. Neither is the bargain of the century at that price, but both games are worth owning and this modest sale is a good excuse.

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