Create and run your own Monster Pet Shop thanks to Beeline Interactive

Beeline Interactive, which is the mobile social gaming arm of Capcom, has just released an new casual game onto the Google Play store called Monster Pet Shop. You may or may not be familiar with their other games such as Smurfs’ Village or Herman the Hermit. Ready to sell magical creatures?

Well you can’t, not right away anyways. First you will need to actually grow your magical creatures. You will have to feed and care for them, nurturing them as well as maximizing their happiness. Once they are fully grown, you can display and sell them. The happier your creature is, the more money you will earn when you sell them to a good home.

Monster Pet Shop Features:

– Players can collect upwards of 25 different monster types and over 100 unique looking monsters.
– Multiple classes and habitats including dirt, water and grass monsters
– Care for your monster pets by petting them, cleaning their homes and feeding them
– Grow and breed unique monsters for show
– Play online with your friends to share eggs and grow your collection

There are different classes and types of monsters which you will need to figure out what habitat will best suit them. There is a social aspect to the game of course where you can share eggs with friends, and vise versa, in order to try and complete your monster collection.

Monster Pet Shop is definitely a social casual games which, if you enjoy those, is right up your alley. Like all games of this nature, you can download it for free off of the Google Play store and expect some in-game purchases to be available.

Developer Website: Beeline Interactive

Google Play Link: Monster Pet Shop

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