Create the best zoo around in Animal Park Tycoon, features Cthulhu

AMA Ltd has released a new game onto the Google Play store today sporting the ‘Tycoon’ name on it. While this may or may not have any affiliation with the plethora of Tycoon titles out there in the video gaming world, Animal Park Tycoon looks to be a bit more of a casual sim game where you will be building the best zoo you can possibly build.

In this game, you are in control of a plot of land in which to build the best zoo you can possibly come up with. Along the way you will discover new creature to add to your zoo which include to legendary species that you have a chance at unlocking, the Unicorn and Cthulhu. While building your zoo, you will also have to manage everything including its attractiveness to bring people to it and the zoo reputation.

Animal Park Tycoon Features:

• Collect and manage up to 15 species of animals and unlock new ones to bring diversity to your zoo.
• Play in 6 different environments: plain, savanna, polar, mountain, jungle and swamp.
• Unlock 2 legendary creatures to grow the fame of your zoo: the unicorn and the cthulhu!
• Enjoy mini-games like animal races and the “Lost & Found” child game to get exclusive rewards.
• Visit your friends’ zoos and work with them to increase each other’s success.
• Stay tuned for new content for Halloween and Christmas.

The most important aspect of this game, which is similar to a lot of other games of this nature, is to keep your animals happy, well fed and to keep your zoo looking nice with decorations. AMA Ltd already has plans for both a Halloween and Christmas themed update as well. Animal Park Tycoon is available off of the Google Play store for free.

Google Play Link: Animal Park Tycoon

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