Crescent Moon Games outs Aralon: Sword and Shadow on sale for $0.99

Crescent Moon Games have released a variety of games for Android over the past few years. Today, they’re putting one of their bigger RPGs on sale which happens to be Aralon Sword and Shadow 3D.

This game is an open world RPG with three races (Humans, Elves, and Trolls), that includes dynamic day/night effects, skill trees, and over 30 hours of gameplay.

Aralon Features:

– Over 30 hours of gameplay
– Gorgeous and dynamic 3d environments
– 3rd and First Person play modes
– Full Day/Night cycle and dynamic lighting effects
– Epic Soundtrack and realistic sound effects
– Customizable characters, including hairstyles, armor, and different faces
– 4 Character Classes
– Unique Skill Trees for each class
– 3 Playable Races: Humans, Elves, and Trolls
– A primary quest and multiple, optional side-quests
– Hundreds of items to acquire and wield
– Comprehensive Inventory System
– Battle various enemies that use different fighting tactics
– Faction system, herb gathering, crafting potions and magical items, dual-wielding, lockpicking, pick-pocketing, and more
– Swimming, Fishing, Campfires
– 8 Different Mount Types, including horses, dragons, and more
– Fully animated 3d characters
– Achievements
– Pets and henchmen to help you in your quests
– Save system with 6 different save slots

For more information you can check out our past article here. The game is typically priced at $4.99, so they’ve slashed 80% off for the regular price.

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