[Update: Release Info] Crescent Moon Games releases the first teaser trailer for Aralon: Forge and Flame

Crescent Moon Games has begun teasing the next installment into their Aralon RPG series called Aralon: Forge and Flame. It has been a bit since an Aralon game came out, with the last one arriving on Android back in February 2013. Like previous installment, this new one is a full-sized 3D RPG title, so expect a good amount of content to arrive with it.

Update: Dec. 2nd, 2015 7:34am PST: Just a quick heads-up for those of you waiting for this next installment into the Aralon series from Crescent Moon. Our friends over there have announced that the Android version does exist and is actually being released later tonight. We will post an update once it arrives.

Since Crescent Moon Games has just begun teasing the game, there isn’t a whole lot of details about it right now. However, we do know a bit about the story that will be coming with this game.

The story takes place a century after the original Aralon. The seas have continued to rise and altered the landscape of the kingdom. The incessant storms off the coast of Aralon have become less frequent, allowing ships to travel further from shore. Your quiet life is disturbed by revelations about a new continent and its inhabitants who were thought to have vanished after the Cataclysm. You must unravel a plot against your family and journey across the seas to save a race threatened with extinction.

Other than that, we don’t know a whole lot right now besides what we see in the teaser trailer. Aralon: Forge and Flame does look pretty good though visually… and big. There is one downfall to this news unfortunately, and that is the only platform announced right now for this game is iOS, with it landing in December 2015. However, we do have hope it will arrive for Android as well, although we probably won’t see it until some point in 2016 if it does arrive, or later. Aralon: Sword and Shadow hit iOS in 2010 but Android didn’t get it until 2013, but we don’t see that big of a gap happening again, if this game is coming to Android that is.

In the meantime, you can check out the teaser trailer below. We will post an update when we find out if Aralon: Forge and Flame is coming to Android or not.

Images courtesy of TouchArcade Forums

Source: Crescent Moon YouTube | CM Twitter

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