Crescent Moon Games releases their second title this week called Shadow Blade

Yesterday we reported on Crescent Moon Games releasing their sniper-themed game called Optical Inquisitor onto Google Play. In that article we mentioned that Crescent Moon Games were planning to possibly release three games this week and today the second game has made its way to Android called Shadow Blade.

Shadow Blade is a ninja-themed action platformer where you control your little ninja and make your way through each stage. You will have the option of choosing which type of controls you want to use – Gesture-based ones or an onscreen controls. You will have a nice selection of weaponry at your disposal to kill any enemies that you encounter along the way to the end of each stage. There also happens to be plenty of blood splattering as well.

Each stage also has a three star rating to try and earn which is based off of how well you complete the stage as well as how fast you do it. Outside of the levels to play through in Shadow Blade, there are also hardcore challenges to complete as well for those of your wanting some extra challenge.

For those of you wanting to live out your ninja dreams, Shadow Blade is available for download off of Google Play for free to try out. The full version can be purchased through a single IAP for $1.99.


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