Critter Escape scurries onto the Amazon AppStore so you can be a Mud Mutant

Back in July of this year we talked about a game that would be arriving soon from Chillingo called Critter Escape. Developed by Kiz Studios, this little gem of a game will have you playing as a Mud Mutant who is trying to escape from the laboratory you are being held prisoner in where you are being experimented on.

Before getting into the game, it is interesting to note that when we talked about this title originally, it was supposed to be published by Chillingo. Critter Escape was, however, published by the developers on Amazon’s AppStore so as of right now we don’t know whether Chillingo will publish it on Google Play or the developers will do that themselves. That being said, it will eventually be on the Google Play store, more than likely fairly soon.

Critter Escape Feature:

– AWESOME FEATURES (Editor’s note: apparently this is a feature now)
– Stealth gameplay and puzzling levels test your brains and reaction speed.
– Cute central character with hilarious animations.
– Crazy, mutating power-ups change the way you play the game.
– Over 120 unique levels to escape from.

In Critter Escape you will be playing as a creature who has been experimented on and have gotten sick of it so you are trying to escape from Welk Tower. You will need to work your way through each level, avoiding guards, other scientists and traps. Along the way you will be able to collect power-ups to help you out. Visually, there is plenty of eye candy to enjoy while trying to escape.

For those of you who have been waiting to play this game since it was announced that it would be coming to Android, you can do so for a mere $0.99 off of the Amazon AppStore, if you have access to it. If not, you will have to wait until the game arrives on Google Play which shouldn’t be too far from now. We will have a full review coming soon.

Thanks to Chaospower for the heads up!

Developer Website: Kiz Studios

Amazon AppStore: Critter Escape

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