Cross-platform multiplayer Action-RPG Eternal Fate gets updated with support for PvP gameplay and more

The cross-platform Action-RPG title Eternal Fate has received a pretty big update this afternoon. This update brings a lot of new content and changes to the game, but the most notable change is the addition of PvP gameplay. Before now there wasn’t any PvP, but now you can beat the crap out of people in a few different PvP modes including a Capture the Chicken mode.

While the addition of all the new PvP content is a big part of the update, it isn’t the only thing to arrive today. In fact almost every aspect of this game has been touched on with this update. There are new Guild features including Officer support, editable guild privacy/descriptions/icons, guild inbox, and so on. There are new ultra rare heroes, new events, new gear, and new levels as well.

Eternal Fate update Changelog:

– New PvP levels
– New PvP spells and abilities
– Enhanced controller support
– 64-bit support
– Numerous new events, levels, and heroes
– Tons of Guild features including: Officer support, last seen, editable guild privacy/descriptions/icons, guild inbox, and more
– In-game support and feedback system
– Optimized user on-boarding and tutorial
– Full Everyplay integration with camera support
– Added Spanish localization
– New Ultra rare heroes
– New emotes
– And More!

For those of you who prefer to play mobile games with a controller, there is now improved controller support in Eternal Fate. With all of these changes though, the addition of the new PvP content is the biggest and adds a lot more for players to do now in this game. Eternal Fate is available for download off of Google Play for free and does include optional IAPs as well. The update is now live on Google Play as well. If you don’t see it right away, just give it a bit as it could still be propagating throughout the Google Play store.

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