Crossy Road breaks the 10 million downloads mark in a mere 20 days

The Frogger inspired game Crossy Road has been out on mobile devices for 20 days and in that short period of time the game has managed to make some pretty impressive numbers. Because of the numbers Crossy Road is producing, there are plenty of spin-offs and similar games out now as people try to ride the momentum Crossy Road has created. Even with all of that, Crossy Road has broken the 10 million downloads mark and did it within 20 days of being released.

When we talk about this 10 million download number we are not speaking of versions of the game across all platforms. The 10 million downloads is strictly regarding the Google Play version which means that the number of downloads is actually much higher if you take into account the iOS version as well.

A little over a week ago Crossy Road made headlines when Unity, the company behind the Unity game engine and also the ads being served within Crossy Road, reported that the game broke a million dollars in revenue from nothing more than the video ads that occasionally are shown in-game. These videos ads are not shown randomly but you are asked if you want to watch one and in doing so you are rewarded with a little in-game currency. It’s a system that is quickly catching on and has appeared in other games such as Noodlecake’s Bitcoin Billionaire.

So congratulations to the developers of Crossy Road for yet another pretty big accomplishment. It will be interesting to see how they ride the momentum their game has created, whether it be additional content or completely new titles being released. Full press release below for your reading pleasure.


Crossy Road Cruises Past 10M Downloads on Google Play in 20 Days
The Indie Game From Hipster Whale and Yodo1 Continues to Dominate Google Play Charts Worldwide at a Rapid Pace

SAN FRANCISCO, CA and BEIJING, CHINA–(Marketwired – Jan 28, 2015) – Yodo1, a leading mobile game publisher, announced that the Google Play version of Crossy Road, the blockbuster hit from Australian indie studio Hipster Whale, has been downloaded over 10 million times in 20 days since its debut on Google’s Android app platform on January 7th. Currently Google Play’s No. 1 free action game and No. 2 among all apps, the game has become an international sensation, featured over 57 times on Google Play front pages around the world, and now ranks No. 1 most popular app overall in France, South Korea and the UK, among many other countries (as of January 27). With an average 4.6 star rating from over 750K+ Google Play users, Crossy Road is also the best-rated game among Google Play’s top 5 free games.

“The very moment we got our hands on an early beta of the game last August, our entire review team instantly caught Crossy Road fever,” said Henry Fong, CEO of Yodo1. “We worked closely with the Hipster Whale guys to preserve its fun, indie spirit. Together, we were able to reach a massive fan base without compromising the gaming experience. We’re so glad gamers love it as much as we do.”

“Crossy Road was our best attempt to create an accessible, popular app that anyone can enjoy. We were hoping it might find some fans, but it has succeeded beyond our wildest dreams,” said Hipster Whale’s Matt Hall. “It would have been difficult for our tiny Australian team to support its millions of players around the world. Partnering with Yodo1 means we can devote all our time to making new updates and versions of Crossy Road as good as they can be.”

Exclusive to the Google Play edition, Yodo1 and Hipster Whale developed a playable Android mascot, and collectible in-game lollipops, doughnuts, and cupcakes evoking Android operating systems. The game included more than 50 playable characters at launch (many with special abilities) with many more on the way.

“We’re working with Yodo1 to develop a lot more surprises for future updates for Crossy Road players,” added Matt Hall of Hipster Whale. “With the success of the recent Australian-themed character update, we want to continue bringing relevant content to Crossy Roaders of different cultures across the globe.”

Crossy Road for Google Play marks the third indie game that Yodo1 has co-developed and published to the entire global market; previous titles include the wacky Greek mythology themed tower defense hit OMG:TD! from Red Rocket Games and Cavemania!, the critically-acclaimed match-3/strategy game from BonusXP. Yodo1 also co-developed and culturalized a new version of Ski Safari for the Chinese market (working with Defiant Development, another top Australian indie studio); with over 100 million downloads, the single-player casual game is among the most popular mobile titles in China.

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