Day: January 28, 2015

Game News

TOAST offers closed beta sign-up for Guardian Stones

Mobile Dev and publisher TOAST had announced that Mobile offering people the opportunity to sign up to participate in the closed beta for Guardian Stone. The game itself is an adventure RPG where players assume a role as one of the classic dungeon-crawling heroes (Warrior, Ranger, or Sorceress) who is accompanied by warrior spirits called Guardians, all in search of the mysterious Guardian Stones.

Game News

[Updated: More Games] Mid-Week Android Game Sales: Warhammer 40K, Baldur’s Gate II, Kemco Games and more

As you may have noticed lately, we have picked back up some of the series we had running here on the site last year but stopped doing closer to the end of 2014. An example of this is the Amazon Free Game/App of the Day articles we used to do but stopped because for a long period of time there wasn’t really anything great to write about that Amazon was putting up for free. We also used to do a round-up of Android games on sale every Wednesday and Friday which we are starting back up due to popular demand.

Game News

[Updated] Gameloft announces Dungeon Hunter 5. Pre-registration is now live

Gameloft has announced the next installment into the Dungeon Hunter franchise, officially called Dungeon Hunter 5, and along with this Gameloft has now made pre-launch registration live on the game’s official micro-site. Also, besides all of this, Gameloft has also released a Developer Diary video which does show some of the gameplay that will arrive with Dungeon Hunter 5.

Game News

Crossy Road breaks the 10 million downloads mark in a mere 20 days

The Frogger inspired game Crossy Road has been out on mobile devices for 20 days and in that short period of time the game has managed to make some pretty impressive numbers. Because of the numbers Crossy Road is producing, there are plenty of spin-offs and similar games out now as people try to ride the momentum Crossy Road has created. Even with all of that, Crossy Road has broken the 10 million downloads mark and did it within 20 days of being released.