[Updated: More Games] Mid-Week Android Game Sales: Warhammer 40K, Baldur’s Gate II, Kemco Games and more

As you may have noticed lately, we have picked back up some of the series we had running here on the site last year but stopped doing closer to the end of 2014. An example of this is the Amazon Free Game/App of the Day articles we used to do but stopped because for a long period of time there wasn’t really anything great to write about that Amazon was putting up for free. We also used to do a round-up of Android games on sale every Wednesday and Friday which we are starting back up due to popular demand.

So here we are with the mid-week Android game sale round-up and surprisingly there are some pretty good games currently on sale that you might want to pick up such as Warhammer 40K: Carnage and Baldur’s Gate II. There is also a couple of days left to pick up some of the games Kemco has on sale until the end of the month. So without further delay, here’s the mid-week list of Android games on sale.

Kemco Games


SNK Playmore


Other Games

Amazon Appstore Games

– 80 Days by Inkle on sale for $0.99 (Available Here)

– Banner Saga by Versus Evil on sale for $0.99 (Available Here)

– Threes by Sirvo on sale for $0.99 (Available Here)

– Monument Valley by ustwo on sale for $0.99 (Available Here)

– Valiant Hearts by Ubisoft on sale for $0.99 (Available Here)

– Kingdom Rush: Origins (Kindle Version) by Ironhide on sale for $0.99 (Available Here)

If you spot something on sale that isn’t in this list, let everyone know in the comments below so they can take advantage of it! Be sure to link to it as well.

Thanks to Steve Belli in the comments for the list of Amazon games on sale.

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