Monster and Monster announce 2.0 update for Deep Loot

Monster and Monster, a pair of British Devs, have announced a 2.0 update to their undersea game Deep Loot. Deep Loot is an undersea exploration game, where players look for the eponymous loot, other secrets and Easter Eggs, and try to avoid deadly sea creatures.

The game also contains hundreds of unique items, as well as various upgrades and equipment to “dive in to”. Sorry, couldn’t help myself. This is all done in the pixelated, old school look. The Devs describe the game’s content as “On-the-fly procedural”, so it allows the game to have no limits and no waiting for things to load.

Here’s a list of what’s dropping in 2.0:

New Content:
• x7 New collections containing 50 new pieces of special loot
• x7 New Suits
• x5 New Ships
• x6 New achievements
• Dozens of new missions
• LOADS of new locations, Easter eggs and secrets

New Features:
• Ability to sell completed collections for coins
• Ability to rank up collections

The update drops on January 29th. The game is already available (sans the update until then) on Google Play, contains Google Play Games integration, and doesn’t cost anything but for the IAPs.

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