Cubistry is another Rubik’s Cube variant but this time blends in a matching game

Yesterday we talked about a Rubik’s Cube variant called Time Cube and today we get to talk about another one that has arrived onto Google Play called Cubistry. Developed by The Hohng Company, Cubistry is basically a blend of Rubik’s Cube and match-3 gaming.

As you rotate the cube, you will try to see if there are 2 or more spots with the same design. When you manage to get two of the same blocks visible on the same face, you tap on them to eliminate them from the main cube. You keep doing this until you clear all the blocks at which point you win the game.

The visuals have sort of a flashy retro type of look to them with very bright designs while the rest of the game is black. You can rotate the cube on all three axis in order to view other faces and, hopefully, match up more spots. If you are ready to give this Rubik’s Cube variant a shot, you can do so for $0.99 off of Google Play.

Google Play Link: Cubistry

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