Day: 18 September 2012


Defcon Studios unleashes their mech filled platformer Iron Jack 2

Developers at Defcon Studio (which used to be estudio256 back in the day) teased us a few months ago with their game Iron Jack, an awesome robot themed platformer which eventually never arrived onto Google Play. Now, reinvigorated and coming back since their latest release (a free space shooter called Diagnosis Assault), they have released a sequel called Iron Jack 2: a free platformer that is looking to stand out with its superb graphics and really takes free to play as a complete option and not just another pocket farming strategy.


Sacracy location-based Action-RPG gets a rather large update today

Sacracy RPG is an interesting game considering it is a location-based action-RPG but unlike other titles similar to this one, Sacracy has a layer of retro graphics over everything, making it feel and play like an actual retro RPG more than a location-based game most of the time. For those of you playing Sacracy, a rather large update has arrived today with plenty of goodies including two new maps with new quests.


One lucky Kickstarter backer could star in the upcoming Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse game

The folks over at Revolution Software have been raising funds over on Kickstarter for an all new Broken Sword game which will be arriving on multiple platforms including Android. The good news is, the game has been fully funded and then some. Now, with only a little over 3 days to go, Revolution Software has added a new stretch goal which could have one lucky backer being featured in the game itself.