Gamevil releases a monster collecting battle game called Monster Warlord

In the true spirit of Pokemon style games, Gamevil has released their own rendition of the monster collecting and battling game called Monster Warlord. You will be playing as Mika who is traveling around the world seeking out monsters to capture, collect and train. Like any good game of this nature, you have your common monsters to your ultra rare powerful ones.

There are hundreds of monsters to collect so it will take you awhile to actually get a full set if that is what your goal is. Of course you can combine monsters to form new stronger ones and the combinations are plentiful since their are six classes of monsters, each of which fall under one of the elements in the game such as fire or water.

Quests are also part of Monster Warlord and completing them will reward you with different items or unlocking rare monsters. Gamevil has brought in social aspects into the game as well such as forming clans and team battles against bosses. Interestingly enough, instead of going out and hunting for a boss, there is the option to summon one for you and your clan mates to hopefully defeat.

For all of you Pokemon fans out there, you might want to give Monster Warlord a shot. As with pretty much all Gamevil releases lately, Monster Warlord can be download off of the Google Play store for free.

Google Play Link: Monster Warlord

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