Sacracy location-based Action-RPG gets a rather large update today

Sacracy RPG is an interesting game considering it is a location-based action-RPG but unlike other titles similar to this one, Sacracy has a layer of retro graphics over everything, making it feel and play like an actual retro RPG more than a location-based game most of the time. For those of you playing Sacracy, a rather large update has arrived today with plenty of goodies including two new maps with new quests.

On the back end of things, the crew over at Enthusia Studios have bought another server for added performance. Hardware specs aside, the actual update on the Google Play store is now available as well featuring more maps, more quests, more spells, new NPCs and more.

Sacracy update Changelog:

– Online character storage
– Two new maps with new quests
– All old maps have been reworked
– four new poison spells
– two new NPCs: Witch and Pirat
– Chatwindow reworked
– New font
– Trading screen reworked (items, potions, spells, upgrades)
– New achievement system
– Credits screen with like, follow and rate functions and a gold reward
– Fixed memory issues on older devices
– Balancing changes concerning monsters and spells
– Limited range of interaction (talking to npcs, picking up items, etc.)
– Monsters now regenerate

This kind of update for any game usually changes the whole dynamic of it and how you play and this is true for Sacracy as well. Now that monsters regenerate, there is a lot more to do even when you get the new quests done. If you currently have the game on your Android device, you can now grab the update. If you don’t have Sacracy RPG, you can grab it off of the Google Play store for free.

Google Play Link: Sacracy RPG

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