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Cyber Hunter, NetEase’s Fortnite-like battle royale, is out globally now on Android

Cyber Hunter Android

Cyber Hunter is the latest battle royale by NetEase to hit mobile, and it’s heavily inspired by Fortnite. It takes the building system and injects it with steroids.

You don’t just build forts. You’ll build camouflage, barriers, enemy detectors, and stuff that heals people. There’s a ton of stuff to build here, adding a fresh layer of strategy to the experience.

Cyber Hunter features building, parkour, and endless exploration

Then there’s the movement system, which is also above and beyond what has came before. It’s got full on parkour, with you climbing, gliding, rolling, and leaping around like there’s no tomorrow.

Explore the world and you’ll find the usual weapons and equipment alongside some new stuff. You’ll find gloves that help you climb faster, invisible force fields, and a bunch of other crazy things.

According to the Google Play description, you can explore literally anywhere on the map that you can see, provided you have the necessary skills and equipment.

So head on over to Google Play right now and grab this awesome new battle royale experience. It seems well worth checking out, offering something fresh to the genre.

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