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Cyber Knights: Flashpoint is an Upcoming Tactical RPG by the Star Traders: Frontiers Developers, Trese Brothers

Trese Brothers, the incredibly talented developers behind Star Traders: Frontiers, have just announced the upcoming tactical RPG Cyber Knights: Flashpoint, which will launch on mobile following its Steam release.

Cyber Knights: Flashpoint is currently undergoing a Kickstarter drive, and has already met its goal. You can still back the project if you’d like, though none of the tiers provide access to the mobile version of the game.

Cyber Knights: Flashpoint is Available to Back on Kickstarter Right Now

It takes place in a dystopian cyberpunk future of 2231, with you in command of a group of shadow mercenaries. You’ll complete a wide variety of missions using a combination of stealth, hacking, and strategic combat.

There’s also base building mechanics and a heck of a lot of squad customisation. You’ll really get to know the squad that works with you over the course of the adventure.

Cyber Knights: Flashpoint is currently estimated to launch in March 2021. You can learn more about the game, and back it if you want, right now on the official Kickstarter.

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