The DanMachi Mobile ARPG Adaptation Is Up For Pre-Registration

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Aiming Inc, the studio behind the upcoming DanMachi mobile adaptation, has launched the pre-registration campaign. The game’s official title is DanMachi Battle Chronicle, and it’s taking the format of an ARPG.

The game is based on the popular anime series, “Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?”. For obvious reasons, the creators of the show often shrink the title down to its alternate title, DanMachi.

A Faithful Adaptation?

The game looks promising, as it attempts to bring the world of DanMachi to life with anime-style 3D graphics. The campaign allows you to relive your favourite moments from the source material, as it retells the iconic story. But that’s not all – the game also opts to re-imagine the show, as some scenes are re-drawn from completely new angles.

A solid cast of voice actors are also set to immerse you even further. Among the many confirmed roles is Yoshitsuga Matsuoka returning as Bell Cranel, as well as Inori Minase reprising her role as Hestia.

Riveting Action

Dungeon crawling will be making up the bulk of the action in DanMachi Battle Chronicle. The game features simple controls to create fun, attention-grabbing battles between your team and the monsters. Deadly attacks seen in the source material, such as firebolts and Lil Rafaga, make an appearance as you battle your way through swarms of mobs.

Aside from the main campaign, Aiming Inc. also includes some side game modes, such as an eight player battle royale, a magic stone-focused mode, and a free for all battle.

Pre-Registration Rewards

Like with most gacha games, DanMachi Battle Chronicle has some generous rewards up for grabs. These range from Assist Guaranteed Gacha Tickets at 100,000 sign ups, all the way to 1,000 Selas at 500,000 pre-registers.

You can sign up now for DanMachi Battle Chronicle on Google Play.

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