DB42 combines Portal-like mechanics in a 2D puzzle platformer

A new game from Gushiku Studios landed on the Android Market last week called DB42. Featuring a robot similar to R2D2 and portal style game mechanics, this 2D platform puzzler is a pretty interesting game that will actually require you to think.

The goal of DB42 is to solve the puzzles in each stage in order to help navigate your little R2D2 look-alike to the exit. This is done with a variety of abilities such as lifting objects and carrying them elsewhere to use, switches, and of course, portals. You will be able to use portals in a similar fashion to that of the console Portal games.

Along the way you will be able to pick up upgrades that will enhance your current abilities or grant you new ones. Such upgrades include, but are not limited to, the “Repugnicator” which basically allows you to shoot a repulsor ray to push switches and apparently shoot some hoops if you want to and the “Junk Buddy” which is a tractor beam to pull objects towards you. Of course there is your portal system as well, called the IRIS (a.k.a Infinite Reality Interstitial Surface). Ironically this spells Siri backwards.

DB42 is a great platform/puzzle game that will actually make you think about how to solve each level in order to reach the exit. It’s not easy but it is fun at the same time as frustrating. DB42 comes in two flavors on the Android Market, a free demo to try out and a full version for $1.99. To see the game in action, check out the video below.

Developer Website: Gushiku Studios

Android Market Link: DB42

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