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Dead Cells Will Launch on Android This Summer, Playdigious Confirms

Playdigious has confirmed that the upcoming Android version of Dead Cells will launch in Q3, which brings us to the heart of summer.

To the laymen, that’s July, August, and September when we’ll expect to get a chance to play Dead Cells on our Android phones and tablets.

Dead Cells Will Launch in July, August, or September on Android

So what’s Dead Cells? Well, it’s an action RPG that borrows from a wide variety of genres, including soulsborne and metroidvania.

You’ll explore a wide variety of 2D environments as you beat up enemies, loot equipment, and upgrade your character.

Along the way, you’ll find stuff that you can use to traverse the world with more ease. It’s challenging stuff.

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more about the release date, which will hopefully be narrowed down soon enough.

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