Dead Island: Survivors: First Gameplay Trailer Has Arrived

Dead Island has been through some turbulent waters in the last couple years.  Escape Dead Island was a cel-shaded disaster, the amazing MOBA Dead Island: Epidemic was shut down even before leaving Open Beta, Dead Island: Retro Revenge wasn’t the traditional beat ’em up we were led to believe it would be, and Dead Island 2 is still lost somewhere in an undead production purgatory. 

Today, however, a gameplay video for the mobile game Dead Island: Survivors has surfaced as a bright ray of sunshine over the zombie-infested Banoi Archipelago.  Deep Silver’s development studio Fishlabs Entertainment is bringing the horde-filled idyllic paradise to the palms of our hands and will be the franchise’s first foray into the mobile market.

The game combines base building and strategy defense with 3rd person zombie slaying action.  In addition to laying traps and setting up defense perimeters to thwart the incoming infected hordes from overtaking your base, players also get their hands bloody with all manner of hand-to-hand combat including bone-breaking combos and skull-smashing special moves.

This isn’t only a one-player show either.  Players can send money, resources, and reinforcements to each other in a cooperative effort with other survivors to stave off the zombie outbreak together.  We’ll need all the help we can get going from island to island clearing out the entire Banoi Archipelago of zombies.

Dead Island: Survivors has currently soft launched in Norway on iOS but we have a good idea on an Android version coming as well, although we are confirming it right now. We’ll keep readers updated as more news arrives.

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