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Fishlabs’s Galaxy On Fire – Alliances delayed till 2014, closed beta tester positions available now

Fishlabs has been working on the next installment into their Galaxy on Fire franchise officially called Galaxy On Fire – Alliances. While the game was originally slated for release this year, Fishlabs has announced that the game’s release has been delayed until sometime in 2014. The game is, however, currently running in a closed beta testing phase and an open beta phase is slated to start in November.


Galaxy on Fire 2 HD drops Tegra exclusivity, now available on Google Play for everyone

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is a rather good space Action-RPG shooter type of game that has been a Tegra exclusive title for quite some time now. However that exclusivity has come to an end and the folk over at Fishlabs have released the game onto Google Play for everyone with a device that can support playing the game. Not every device will be able to run this game due to how high-end the visuals are.