Day: 11 February 2013


Here is a huge list of confirmed games heading to OUYA

As we have seen in the recent past whether it is from all the submissions in OUYA’s CREATE competition or just from news from developers making games, OUYA has a lot of developers interested in the Android-powered console. We now have a really big list of confirmed games heading to OUYA which includes some rather big titles like Square Enix’s Final Fantasy III, Adhesive Games’ Hawken and Double Fine’s The Cave and Reds.


Developers: Your game’s icon could be holding you back on sales

A few days ago we received an email from our friends at N3V Games regarding a post on their blog about how changing their icon for their Trainz simulation series of games had substantially increased their sales across all platforms. We have talked about icons briefly in the past and how a good icon helps and N3V Games has provided a real world example of how it does help to have a good icon.