Endless digging game Gold Diggers will be arriving soon for Android

A new endless running game, which we are actually going to call an endless digging game, will be arriving onto Google Play soon. Developed by Gamistry Games, Gold Digger will have players digging endlessly for gold while trying to stay ahead of a rather big man-eating worm who is intent on eating you whole.

Gold Digger is being described by the developers as a cross between Jetpack Joyride and Mega Worm, where players will use crazy machines to continually dig downwards through layers of Earth in the hunt for gold. You will be able to switch out various types of drill bits to harvest the gold you come across while trying not to get eaten by the giant worm following you or burning up in a random lava stream that you will need to avoid.

Gold Digger Features:

– Endless digging with exciting encounters
– Crazy digging machines with changeable drills.
– Different Gold Diggers with unique skills.
– Fully animated characters.
– An intuitive and polished steering mechanic! (no tilt)
– Multiple objectives

Right now there is no set release date for when Gold Digger will arrive onto Google Play, only that it will be coming soon. Until then you can check out the video above to see the game in action.

Developer Website: Gamistry Games

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