Deep Silver FISHLABs announces a new platformer called Stranded – Mars ONE coming to Android soon

Just over a week ago we reported on a new partnership between Deep Silver FISHLABS and Okam Studios for an unannounced mobile game. Actually Toneworx is also involved in that unannounced game which, as of today, now has a name: Stranded – Mars ONE.

So what is Stranded – Mars ONE? This game will be an autorunning 2D platformer where players will be controlling their character as they automatically run forward in each level. You will have keep running, jumping, dodging, and somersaulting while trying to survive on a limited amount of air. Players assume the role of an astronaut who crash landed on Mars and needs to find his way home.

In order to get back home, players will have to collect all of the parts that have scattered across Mars in order to rebuild his ship. You will need to keep an eye on your oxygen levels as well, since Mars doesn’t have any oxygen for you to breath naturally.

Set in the autorunner genre and jam-packed with addictive retro gaming charm, Stranded – Mars ONE has all the right ingredients of a real indie hit. Besides a unique look and sound, it also features a particularly clever level design that is pretty exceptional for an autorunner and bears more than just a few surprises. If you’re eager to try something new in the autorunner genre, you have to give Stranded – Mars ONE a try. – Daniel Hericks, Publishing Producer at Deep Silver FISHLABS

As for when we can try out Stranded – Mars ONE, right now the iOS version will be launching in Q3 2015 and the Android version will be arriving shortly afterwards. When it does get released, will be available for download for free.

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