Defeat the sorceress Morgana and save your lands in Avalon Legends, now available globally

Released by Swan Interactive, Avalon Legends is an Action-RPG that’s been opened up to the North America. The game contains 3D graphics with dungeon crawler style for the camera perspective. Set in the land of Avalon, where hordes of demons had once invaded and subsequently forced out west and kept at bay, players will assume the role of a graduate of the Aldebaran College.

Players will look to both equip, as well as level up their heroes, as they take on the evil sorceress Morgana. There are multiple classes, spells, and gear available to the heroes. Avalon Legends contains over 100 dungeons, multiple endings, and even the option to raise a pet to fight alongside the hero. Avalon Legends also uses swipes and taps for player controls.

Avalon Legends Features:

– Multiple heroes of varying types, including brute force fighters, skilled ranged combatants and masters of magic
– Several gameplay modes, including a campaign mode, PvE challenges, and a variety of PvP options for players and guilds
– Extensive hero upgrades for gear and abilities allow players to customize their hero
– Immerse yourself in our 3D world with 360 degree character control using easy gestures, taps and swipes
– Fantastic 3D graphics
– Choose your adventure with an in-depth storyline containing multiple paths!
– Face rigorous challenges in over 100 unique dungeons!
– Play as 5 different characters each with 9 ultimate abilities to be mastered!
– Raise, promote, and fight alongside your pet!
– Equip wings to increase your fighting abilities & customize your character!
– Battle with friends in PVP or continue playing PVE to increase stats!

For those of you wanting to check this game out, Avalon Legends is available for free from Google Play with optional IAPs as well. This game was release in select locations (Asia) not too long ago, however this is now the game’s global launch. You can check out the game in action with the video below.

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