Defend Homeland

Defend Homeland by ESC Mobile is a Command & Conquer style game that just came out. Only the demo version is available with limited options but even that is fun to play. This is really the first game done in this style of play (RTS) that I’ve seen on the Android market that has caught my eye.

There are a bunch of different units as one would expect to find in an RTS game including different soldier, vehicles and buildings. There are different goals per level such as defending your base or killing every enemy, drilling for oil or capturing oil sources. The demo version only has a few available units and only one goal to be played but it’s good to play to get used to the game.

Another great feature which is just like PC based RTS games is the ability to select ‘teams’ or groups of units to control which comes in very handy and makes controlling all your units a lot less of a hassle. Everything is touch screen as well including making your ‘teams’ which you just tap and drag a box around to groups units together.

If you like RTS games such as Starcraft or Command and Conquer then you’ll enjoy this game. Hopefully the full version will be out soon. Expect a review and possibly a guide to appear here when it does get released.

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Developer Website: ESC Mobile

Developer’s Blog: Defend Homeland Blog [Thanks John for the tip!]

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