Idle RPG Demian Saga Reveals Global Release Date, And It’s Sooner Than You Think

The featured image for our Demian Saga release date article, featuring a woman from the game. The woman has red hair, and wears grey armour, as she looks towards the camera.

In an announcement made across its social media sites, Demian Saga has revealed its release date. Haegin Co. is launching the game globally next week on April 13.

Demian Saga is an upcoming idle RPG that focuses on Jaden, who is a seeker of the Primeval Highlands. Aisha, who is the owner of the Key, also joins you, and together you’ll embark on a journey to find the land of the Gods. Build up a band of pirates hailing from five different pirate nations, and battle your way through an expansive campaign.

Is A Delay Imminent?

Strangely enough, the developer has left a note at the end of the announcement that could contradict the whole post. It reads, “The schedule may be revised depending on the situation.” Underneath, it continues, “A separate notice will be sent if the schedule is revised.”

The statements are vague, implying that a delay may be in the works. Furthermore, the note suggests that even Haegin Co. doesn’t know if the game will be ready for launch. Promoting the release date whilst simultaneously warning of a potential delay is certainly an odd way to market your game. However, we should emphasise that this is purely speculation based on the notes, and that the game is still scheduled for an April 13 release date.

There’s Still Time To Pre-Register!

Although Demian Saga is releasing in under a week, it’s not too late to cash in on the pre-registration rewards that are up for grabs! The game is offering a generous 3000 gems, a treasure map set, an epic equipment selection ticket, and 5 currency bags (2h).

If you’re thinking of playing Demian Saga when it arrives, we recommend that you pre-register now. That way, you’ll get a significant boost at launch.

You can pre-register for Demian Saga on Google Play now.

If you’re interested in our coverage of Demian Saga’s pre-launch campaign, have a read of our previous article that delves deep into the game’s hidden trailer.

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