Take To The Seas As Pirate RPG Demian Saga Releases

Feature image for our Demian Saga tier list. It shows a battle screen in Demian Saga, with two parties facing off on a stone plinth in a lake of lava.

Gacha RPG Demian Saga has set sail onto Android via Google Play, and everything is looking a bit piratey. The new game has reached its formal launch date, and welcomes a whole new base of players to its world of treasure and derring-do.

A Launch Event With Freebies

Demian Saga kicks off with a special Official Lauch event, that runs until April 26th. Participating nets you 400 Gems, and entry into a raffle that’ll give 30 players who entered an impressive stack of 25 random hero cards. You’ll need to fill out your details and enter via the official Facebook page if you want a chance.

The game itself is a real-time strategy RPG where it’s up to you to acquire and organize your own crack pirate crew, with a choice from a wide variety of quirky characters from five different pirate nations.

The characters all bring unique, diverse, and sometimes adorable skills to the table, and they’re all rendered in some pretty-looking 3D graphics.

X Marks The Spot

They’re pirates, so they obviously do what any fantasy pirates do, look for treasure. You make your way through different locations, seeking out booty and slaying everything in your path, while also keeping an eye out for new treasure maps to keep the voyage going.

You also have the chance to team up with other crews to double your firepower. It’s not all friendly though, you can also jump into PVP with the Grand Arena and Union Invasions.

There are over twenty different game modes, so there’s a lot going on.

The game is free to play, though of course as with most games of this kind, you’ll be encouraged to drop money at some point. In-app purchases are present, and run up to a fairly terrifying $99.99.

Still, if you can resist the gacha siren song, you might have fun on this sea voyage.

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