Demolition Duke from Gamelion invites plays to blow up lots of stuff

Gamelion has released a new game onto Android today called Demolition Duke which puts players in control of destructive fun by blowing up different structures. There are different types of explosives to use and two different ways to play this game.

You can either just blow stuff up for points or try to complete tasks by placing explosive expertly around a structure, trying to do as much damage as possible or to accomplish a specific goal that you currently have available on each stage.

Demolition Duke Features:

– 17 tools of destruction to unlock and upgrade
– 150 constructions to demolish
– various tasks such as: beat time limit, drop a rag doll on a mattress to complete
– nice 3D cartoony graphics
– 3 distinctive environments: desert, spring meadow and ice field

Demolition Duke is available off of Google Play for free and it is a pretty good little time killer if you’re looking for one.

Google Play Link: Demolition Duke

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