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Monster Shooter 2: Back to Earth now available as a location-specific soft launch

A few days ago we brought everyone the first screenshots and trailer for Gamelion’s upcoming sequel to their rather popular dual-stick shooter called Monster Shooter. The sequel, named Monster Shooter 2: Back To Earth, will have you defending Earth from alien attacks instead of going after them yourself when they kidnapped your cat. Now the aliens are on the attack trying to get all the cats at once.

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The first screenshots and trailer for Gamelion’s Monster Shooter 2 have arrived

It has been over a year since Gamelion released the original top-down dual-stick arcade game called Monster Shooter. We have since reported that a sequel was in the works but details regarding that sequel were pretty scarce. Well it looks like the sequel to Monster Shooter, which has earned itself over 10 million downloads across the platforms it has been released on, is finally nearing its release.

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The never-ending Action RPG League of Heroes arrives on Google Play

Last week we talked about a really cool game that would be heading our way from Gamelion called League of Heroes. Absolutely not affiliated in any way with League of Legends, this new title from Gamelion is a never-ending game where you will be dealing with an unlimited amount of hazards and enemies while protecting your little village called Frognest as well as the villagers that live there.

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Gamelion announces Rage of the Gladiator, coming soon to Google Play

We already have one title from Gamelion we are waiting for, called League of Heroes, they have announced another game we can look forward to called Rage of the Gladiator. As you may be guessing, you’ll be playing the role of a Gladiator named Gracius, who happens to be battling it out for his life in arena combat. Instead of battling it out with other gladiators though, you happen to be fighting it out with rather large ‘epic bosses’ and creatures.