Day: 1 July 2013


Unity publishes their first game under their new brand – Gears by Crescent Moon Games. Sony devices only for now.

Some pretty big news today as Unity, the company behind the Unity3D game engine which is extremely popular to use because of its cross-platform capabilities, has released their first game under their new publishing brand called Unity Games. This will be the label that Unity will be using to publishing games onto Google Play and their first release happens to be a game called Gears which was made by Crescent Moon Games.


New Kairosoft farming game gets planted in the Play Store in Japan

Earlier this year we covered some of the Kairosoft games that we were hoping to get translated and ported to Android OS. Kairosoft has released the Japanese version of their new farming simulation loosely translated as Firmament Hectare Farm to the Play Store. The game seems like it is more of a sim management game unlike thier last release Ninja Village. It focuses more on growing and selling foods and trying to become the number one farm. During your growing of vegetables and fruits you will have to attract tourists by building facilities and for them to stay at and use. As usual there will be the contests to see which farm grows the best quality items and becoming more profitable.


A Thug In Time will be bringing time traveling violence to Android on July 16th

Once in awhile it is fun to play the bad guy in a video game or at least a hero who happens to tread lightly on that thin line between good and bad. Once you were a not so nice person, committing petty crimes and things of that nature until you decided to get yourself onto the right path. While you have a dark past that seems to follow you, you are now charged with saving the world in a new top-down dual-stick shooter called A Thug In Time.


Semi Secret brings their minimalistic puzzle game Hundreds to Android

Semi Secret already has a pretty big fan base thanks to a few of their games already having a cult following. If fact most people know this company thanks to their endless running survival game Canabalt. While they do have a few other games, all of which are quite popular, Semi Secret has decided to branch out and publish their newest game themselves instead of a third-party like they did with Canabalt.


The first screenshots and trailer for Gamelion’s Monster Shooter 2 have arrived

It has been over a year since Gamelion released the original top-down dual-stick arcade game called Monster Shooter. We have since reported that a sequel was in the works but details regarding that sequel were pretty scarce. Well it looks like the sequel to Monster Shooter, which has earned itself over 10 million downloads across the platforms it has been released on, is finally nearing its release.