Day: October 17, 2012

Game News

Ian Livingstone and Tin Man Games team up to bring us Blood of the Zombies

Many of you might not know what Fighting Fantasy books are, or maybe you do, but for those of you who don’t, Fighting Fantasy books were pretty much the most popular series of game adventure books (as in actual physical books) from back in the day. Now, one of the two authors, Ian Livingstone, has teamed up with Tin Man Games to bring the first official Fighting Fantasy book to Android called Blood of the Zombies.

Game News

The NVision news app gets update, now available for Android phones

Back in April of this year, Dialect released a tablet-only news applications that was focused on the entertainment industry with a bit more of a dedicated focus to gaming including that of Android gaming. The app was impressively made and featured a lot of dynamic content inside of it but unfortunately, if you only owned an Android phone, you were unable to get this app. That, however, is not the case anymore.

Game News

Conquering Bytes unleashes their retro arcade game Diskobolos

It is all about the highscore in a new retro arcade game from Conquering Bytes called Diskobolos. This particular game is a skill-based retro arcade titles that has you shooting discs at bionic insects. While you can just shoot them individually, you can increase your multiplier to really rake in the points in a few ways including bouncing the discs off the walls to hit more insects.