Skyriders by Inverse Blue swoops onto the Android track

A new game called Skyriders by indie game developer Inverse Blue landed onto Google Play over the past weekend. The game is a blend between the platformer and tunnel-racer genres, where you play as an alien piloting a spacecraft. The game features crazy track layouts to test your skills, and has visceral looking visuals of the cosmos as the backdrop.

The main objective in the game is getting as high a score as possible in each level. You do this by collecting stars and hitting the boost pads, which contribute to your boost streak. There’s also a color-switching mechanic involved to provide more of a challenge. There are a variety of controls that should suit your taste, ample levels spread across 5 visually distinctive zones and leaderboards to compare your skills against the rest of the world.

Here’s the games features:

– Simple controls (choose from tilt-to-steer or on-screen buttons)
– 40 levels over 5 varied zones
– Leaderboards and achievements (via Swarm)
– Ship upgrades, to help you earn even bigger scores
– Super smooth gameplay (60fps on newer devices)
– Play the first zone for free!

I played through the first zone and the game is actually pretty good. The levels are short, but there’s replay value because you can aim for a flawless run to get gold medals. It’s polished and runs well too. Should you fancy giving this game a shot, you can download and try it out for free, before getting the full version via a one-time in-app purchase for $1.99.

Google Play Link: Skyriders

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