DeNA’s Sweden office could be making a Halo-inspired shooter

You have to love rumors or vague statements which could or could not be true. Usually in the mobile world, this involve photos by Mr. Blurrycam half the time, half of which are usually faked anyways. In the gaming world, this usually involve reading between the lines of what some people say, doing some hunting of your own, and trying to piece together what is truth and what is not. Sometimes it ends up being wrong but the majority of the time, the truth is usually found out.

DeNA recently opened a new office in Sweden which was set up by people from EA’s DICE studio which are famous for the Battlefield games and who have also hired from developers like Crytek, Grin and Avalanche. While this may not exactly mean a whole lot by itself, that is a lot a FPS talent getting teamed up with people who develop on some of the best engines for gaming in general. The possibilities sound tasty don’t they? Further mystery has been added to the whole thing as no one has ever confirmed what title or type of game that this new office would be working on.

The studio head, Ben Cousins, however did possibly reveal what type of game they are working on, with reference to Halo being their inspiration in a recent talk with Gamasutra. Right now DeNA’s Mobage social gaming platform is, well to be honest, overrun with trading card games (TCGs) such as Marvel: War of Heroes and the recent Transformer: Legends TCG as well, to name a couple anyways. Getting tied into one genre too heavily for a social gaming platform could end up in not being such a good move and we think DeNA knows this.

I would love us to be one of the icebreaking teams that creates something that’s successful in its own right, but also leads the way and creates the whole market as well. – Ben Cousins.

That statement alone doesn’t mean a whole lot, and especially doesn’t reveal much of what they are create by itself. However, team it up with a recent posting about the companies current finances, and the revelation of a new FPS title on the horizon which has a rather nifty logo of a skull, and putting two and two together seems fairly logical. You can see it for yourself in the FY2012Q2 Operating Results PDF from DeNA on page 13.

If you are still skeptic, one last piece of information to consider, this is pretty much almost exactly how Gameloft accidentally outed their upcoming Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour game before it was even announced or hinted at. Not to mention Hellfire is already out on Android as well. Food for thought this fine Tuesday morning. When we know more information we will be sure to update everyone, but we can take a stab at guessing that whatever this game will be called, it will be a 3D FPS title with multiplayer.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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