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Disgaea 1 Complete Just Surprise Launched on Android

The first ever entry in the hit strategy RPG series Disgaea just randomly launched on Android. Don’t get too excited though, as it’s insanely expensive.

Disgaea 1 Complete will cost you just over $30, which is one of the most expensive mobile games we’ve ever seen. Thankfully, you can expect hundreds of hours of content out of this.

Disgaea 1 Complete on Android Features Auto Battle and Cloud Saves

If you haven’t heard of this franchise before, it’s a JRPG strategy series that plays a bit like Fire Emblem. You’ll recruit a bunch of heroes and send them out into battles on grid-based maps.

The mobile version features auto-battle, which is a big deal in Disgaea, as it requires a lot of grinding. Now, you can let your heroes grind by themselves and just focus on completing the fun battles yourself.

It also features cloud saves, so you can transfer your save between your phone and tablet, or even your iOS and Android if you play across both systems.

So go ahead and grab Disgaea 1 Complete right now on Google Play. It might be expensive, but there’s an awful lot of content. Also, the mobile exclusive features are pretty handy.

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