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Disgaea RPG, the mobile version of the SRPG, has just launched on Android in Japan

Disgaea RPG Android

Disgaea RPG is the mobile version of the hit tactical RPG, and it’s finally out on Android. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it’s only out in Japan for now, with no western release in sight.

It’s pretty much just the franchise as you know and love it, with you recruiting hundreds of different characters and sending them out into turn-based battles against a variety of wacky characters.

Disgaea RPG is exactly what you want from a mobile entry in the franchise

Characters from throughout the franchise will return and join forces with you. Your goal is to become the ultimate overlord – whatever that means.

The battle system remains true to the series as well, but it has seen some tweaking for touchscreens. For those that want to play but can’t, you can choose automatic battling but it isn’t essential.

As you can expect, you can level up all the way to a ridiculous 9,999 and deal billions of damage. It’s absolutely mad – just the way you like it.

If you live in Japan, or can get around that particular restriction, you can grab the tactical RPG right now on Google Play. If not, hopefully it won’t be long until this launches over here in the west.

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