Disney and Imangi Studios are teaming up again, this time for something Oz related

Imangi Studios and Disney teamed up once already to bring Temple Run: Brave to the world and apparently the two companies will once again be teaming up but this time it will be for something Oz related. When we say Oz related we don’t mean the prison show from awhile ago but instead the Wizard of Oz franchise.

Apparently the Disney France PR company is advertising that a new Temple Run game will be heading our way which takes Temple Run 2 and adds the Wizard of Oz theme to it. Officially called Temple Run: Oz the Great and Powerful which is based off of the upcoming Disney film Oz the Great and Powerful which is slated to hit theaters March 8th, 2013.

While the tweet mentioning this new Temple Run game didn’t mention platforms that it would arrive on, it’s pretty safe to assume that both iOS and Android will be getting this new Temple Run game since both platform got the Brave spin-off as well.

Unfortunately there is no gameplay screenshots or video right now so we don’t know exactly what this new spin-off will come with, whether it follows the same format as Temple Run: Brave did with new characters and a new interactive environment added to it, or if it will be something completely different. Either way we should be finding out soon as Temple Run: Oz the Great and Powerful is slated to arrive February 28th, 2013.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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