Distinctive Developments to release Hockey Nations 2011 this month. Comes complete with in-game fights.

So far when it comes to Hockey games on Android, there are a few good ones out there including Hockey Nations 2010 from Distinctive Developments. Well now that it is 2011, it is time for the new version to be released and while the 2010 edition was complete, it was missing one thing that all Hockey games seem to be missing.

So what feature is it that everyone Hockey game for Android seems to be missing? In-game fights! True to the spirit of Hockey in all its glory, there has yet to be one good Hockey game out for Android that includes fighting during games. Well that will be changing with the release of Hockey Nations 2011!

While it features all the standard goodies you would find in a Distinctive Developments release such as stop-motion capture animation of actual players, slick 3D graphics and of course a nice selection of teams (18 international teams and 40 city teams), the inclusion of fighting in the actual game will really bring the gameplay to a new level instead of just slapping a puck around and checking people.

That isn’t all though as Distinctive Developments have integrated multiplayer mode via local WiFi or Bluetooth which means you’ll be able to kick your friend’s ass in game not just in score, but with a few throw downs as well. Hockey Nations 2011 will be available for Android sometime this month.

Developer Website: Distinctive Developments

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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