DotEMU’s founders have sold it off, and have now established Playdigious

DotEMU, the guys and gals that release older games for Android that fared well in arcades (such as Double Dragon, King of Fighters, Metal Slug, and more) have announced that they have been sold and the founders will establish a new publishing company, called Playdigious.

DotEMU was originally founded by Xavier Liard and Romain Tisserand, and the pair sold off DotEMU to an unnamed and private investor, back in September of 2014, who will continue their vision of releasing retro video games. The news was kept quiet until today. Now overseeing Playdigious, the pair are setting out to become “a leading game publisher in the mobile, tablet, and TV market thanks to a smart blend between, game, technology, platform, marketing and innovation.”

They have a pair of target audiences in mind already, and will focus accordingly on “Premium games and mid/hardcore Freemium games, emphasizing high quality for both“. Working with Nvidia and Pastagames, they already have a game set to release in the Fall named Pixel the Cat, and is slated to run on Nvidia Shield, Android TV, and Android Tablets, as well as the iPad. And while the intended release of Pixel the Cat was mentioned, nothing was said as to whether the game will be premium or freemium.

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