Day: 2 September 2015


Neverending Nightmares Review: Awesome in every way

Neverending Nightmares is a game that was released by Infitap Games. It’s a game that is very simple to play, control wise, but is rich with content. The visuals, the soundtrack, the content, all flow together seamlessly, to make something that is compelling, and maybe even more than a game. This game was disturbing, compelling, and beyond both: extremely enjoyable. Let’s see why.


Pixonic globally releases Walking War Robots onto Google Play

“Here I sit, strapped down in the cockpit of my Destrier Mech. As I wait in the staging area of a city for the match to begin I look around and I see 5 of my fellow mech pilots waiting anxiously for the green light. There it is, the go signal. I kick my mech into gear as it lurches forward lumbering in between the city buildings towards objective Beacon B. My HUD lights up red as I catch a brief glimpse of 2 targets before they disappear behind a tall building. From behind one of my teammates fires off a salvo of missiles.”


Popular Online Game Kings Road from Rumble Games Now Available on Android

Rumble Entertainment, located in San Mateo, California was started in 2011, with a focus on online games. One of their most popular online games is Kings Road. You can play the game on your PC through your browser, or now, you can play it on your Android device. If you enjoy action-filled RPG games, and joining guilds to take down some enemies, Kings Road may have what you are looking for in this game.