Archero Gets a New Story Chapter, Hero, and New Events in Big New Update

Archero has just received a massive update that includes tons of new stuff, including more story, daily events, and a brand new hero.

The story, of course, includes Chapter 14, which you can battle your way through, In terms of events, there’s the Spring Festival, which challenges you to defeat monsters to win rewards.

Archero is an Endless Roguelike

Sylvan is the new hero, an elven prince who dishes out the damage with a variety of powerful elemental attacks.

The rest of the update is made up of bug fixes, including skill explanation errors, Boss battles, chapter display bugs, and Meowgik’s Rage bug.

You can grab Archero right now on Google Play and get playing the new content. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a decent little endless roguelike.

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