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Dragon Quest is getting a new mobile game and Square Enix will announce it on June 3

A new Dragon Quest game is on the way and Square Enix has announced that it will reveal it next week via a livestream.

Before you start getting excited about ports of Dragon Quest XI or VII, this isn’t going to be that. Nor is it going to be a fancy remake of an earlier title.

The new Dragon Quest won’t be a port or remake, but a new experience entirely

Instead, it’s going to be a brand new type of Dragon Quest experience. That also rules out a new entry in the Builders or Heroes franchise.

We’ll just have to wait and see what Square Enix has in store for the future of the franchise on mobile.

It won’t be this

Could it be a new location-based AR experience? A, dare we say it, gacha RPG? Find out by tuning into the livestream on the official YouTube channel on June 3.

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